Page Composition Service

Have all of your text and pictures managed in properly laid-out structures with EXCEL GRAPHIC SOLUTION (EGS) Digital’s qualified page composition and typesetting services. Each year EXCEL GRAPHIC SOLUTION (EGS) composes many advanced pedantic and academic titles for a few of the most effective names within the trade. The team has expertise and capability of taking and meeting deadlines.

We specialize in a range of composition formats as well as Quark categorical, InDesign and LaTex. Our suite of typesetting and page composition service involves changing raw, unformulated, written manuscripts into consistent, structured and prepared publish formats.

EXCEL GRAPHIC SOLUTION (EGS) has been serving to industry-specific leaders manages their bequest content into consistent, non-perishable and versatile formats. It includes superlative techniques from scanning to imaging and cryptography titles for re purposing and managing in digital formats.

Being equipped with advanced commercial enterprise capabilities and content management tools for Digital/Electronic to Cross Media channels, we’ve got been line of work to the wants of leading trade professionals, academic publishers, firms, and government agencies. We tend to follow strict project deadlines whereas meeting the very best standards of quality and project specifications.